Kidman’s Daughter Puzzled By OSCAR Nod Tears.

By on 7 February, 2011


Photo Source: Harper's Bazaar

Nicole Kidman apparently had to hold back tears of joy after hearing she was a contender for this year’s Best Actress Oscar, because her young daughter couldn’t understand why she was crying over happy news.

The Aussie actress picked up her third Academy Award nod for ‘Rabbit Hole‘ when the nominees were announced last month, and instantly wept when she heard the news.

But she had to put her emotions to one side after two-year-old Sunday Rose was left baffled and upset by her mum’s tears.

She tells

“Poor Sunday. They said my name, and Keith (Urban) was like ‘Yeah!’ and jumping around the kitchen. And Sunday is like, ‘What’s happening? Why are you crying?’ Because I was crying.

“She said, ‘Why are we sad?’ I said, ‘No. We’re not sad, Sunday. We’re happy.’ So, that would be my memory of this nomination – my daughter and my husband jumping around the kitchen.”

In true Oscar tradition, the Best Actress category has some of the best talent around today and fellow contender Natalie Portman appears to be a dead cert to walk away with the prize. All will be revealed on the 27th February 2011!

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