Want A Celeb-Fit Body? Grab A Kettlebell!

By on 26 July, 2010

Gents…ever wanted an ‘underwear model’ body your girlfriend (or boyfriend) could be proud of? And ladies, have you wondered how on earth the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna stay so slim? Fad diets tend not to work, but incorporating a Kettlebell in your regular workout could see you shedding pounds in no time and get that body you’ve always wanted in the process! But if you said to me that I would be lifting one, let alone swinging one, then I would have said you were one cherry short of a fruitcake!

So in comes celebrity fitness trainer Stuart Amory (pictured left) to show me the ropes, and when adhering to the technique…it is actually a lot easier than you might think.

Stuart has trained the likes of actress Emily Blunt and presenter Zoe Salmon and can regularly be found offering fitness advice on TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines. So when he offered to introduce me to Kettlebell exercises I jumped at the chance to see what all the fuss was about, and I’m glad I did!


It was safe to say that when watching Stuart demonstrate the moves, it was like he was lifting those kettlebells as if they were no heavier than a 2kg dumbbell – which of course meant that I could do it too?

In order to not to injure yourself and make sure you’re working the right muscles (in the right places), you need to master the basics – including knowing how to pick one up! Sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many would walk up to a heavy piece of equipment and pick it up by bending over and arching their back – a huge NO NO!

I was always taught to bend my knees, keep my back straight and grip the object securely and straightening my legs as I come up. With a Kettlebell, no matter what the weight, you always bend your knees to pick one up and making sure you’ve got a secure grip.

Ultimately the area that should be doing the most work when swinging a Kettlebell should be your hips, and your thrust would help power the weight into the air – your hands should be merely holding it (with arms straight) as it swings into the air, and not just using your arms to lift it per se.




You mean apart from the sore thighs I’ll have afterwards? Well, there’s no gain without a little pain and if you’re using the correct technique you’ll find that it will ache…but at least you’ll know that you have pushed yourself to the limit and had a great workout! Will I be trying this again? Hell YES!


When doing any exercise you need to ensure you’ve grasped the technique to avoid injury, and a kettlebell must be treated with the same respect. Stuart makes sure that you know and follow each stage of a workout, and what muscles you should be working (in a language that even workout-phobes can understand). I’ve met a lot of personal trainers in my time and some can look totally disinterested, especially the ones that check their phones whilst counting the reps you do. A good personal trainer listens to you, asks you how you’re progressing, provides lots of motivation and makes sure you have a effective workout – and THAT’s what Stuart offers.

For more information on Stuart’s personal training services, check out his website – http://www.inkilterfitness.co.uk/

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