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For those who didn’t know (or forgot), tomorrow is the 1st December and also WORLD AIDS DAY.

It’s a day to remember those lost to HIV and AIDS, to show your support for those living with the virus, educate those around you on how to protect themselves and others, and stand up to the prejudice still levelled toward people living with HIV.

I have done some outreach for two charities – the East London Out Project and The National AIDS Trust – both do fantastic work in supporting local communities and promote greater awareness of many issues that affect individuals who are discrimnated against because of their HIV status and/or sexuality.

Why do I help these wonderful charities?

Without donations from the public, charities such as these would not be able to carry on the with the wonderful work they have done so far. Over the past few weeks I have gone into bars in Soho, trying to collect donations for ELOP as part of World Aids Day, and last Saturday I braved a few hours of the bitter cold to stand with a collection bucket on the streets of the West End for The National Aids Trust.

I discovered that most who did donate were people who lived through the 80s, and they understood that the mission to overcome AIDS is still an on-going project. So the money to help sufferers all over the world is still needed, and my advice is this..

If you see a vendor / charity collector selling red ribbons, then please donate. In the U.K. the suggested donation is £1, but whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated.

I personally am not a HIV / AIDS patient, but on the 1st December 2010 I will be thinking about those who have lost loved ones, and those who are currently living with these conditions.

Although I’m neither a star nor an A-lister, I will also not be using any social networking sites for the whole of tomorrow.

Normal service will resume on the 2nd December!

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