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By on 22 April, 2013

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I attended a fantastic EXPLOSIVE UNSIGNED gig the other weekend, and one of a handful of exceptional acts on the day, BISOLA, BISOLA, stood out to me. As you’ll find out, there’s much more to her than meets the eye.


Based in South-East London, BISOLA works as an I.T. consultant full-time in Surrey, as well as producing factual dramas, and amazingly she still has time to sing her heart out when she can.

I had a chat with this fresh emerging artist to find out a little bit about what inspired her to get into music, and to talk about the launch of her first album – due for release on the 28th April, 2013!


TN: I’ve read your bio on your official website, and it mentions that you’ve been singing songs since you were 13 years old, and in 2012 you decided to break into the music industry. What helped you make this decision?

Bisola: I’ve been singing in church, doing local gigs, weddings, you know, very casual stuff. To be honest I have had good feedback, with people asking me ‘when are you going to release your own album’, but I just never got that sense of it being the right time or the right thing to be doing. I always thought there had to be a reason, and it couldn’t just be able the money or being famous, it had to be about something more otherwise I would just get bored.

Last year [2012] I got to the point where I thought that I can’t keep doing this aimlessly [laughs], and I kind of felt for me, thinking it through deeply, if I’m doing this then I’m doing it to help people, and to put a message out there that connects with people and encourages them in some way, giving them hope that someone has gone through something similar. That is more meaningful for me, and it’s worth doing it [singing] because at least I think that I’m helping someone.


A lot of the songs had a sense of ‘accept me for who I am’, and to enjoy life. What was the inspiration when you were writing your songs, and were any based on your own life? 

It’s a mix actually. Some of it is stuff that I’ve gone through [in life], and I’ve had a chance to analyse it, learn from it, and I add a melody to it that pops into my head – a melody from out of the blue. Then I think about the keywords which fit the melody, and then once I’ve determined the direction of the song in terms of what I have experienced.


Who in the industry inspired you to get into music?

Very good question! I haven’t come from a musical background, as my family are not into singing. I tend to get excited about certain songs because there’s a word or a song arrangement which captures my attention, and I think yeah, I’d like to do something like that.

I can think of myriad of artists like Rihanna, Beyonce, Pink – they all inspire me. I can’t pick out one name.


Let’s talk about your new EP, which is out on the 28th April. It features three songs which were released on your SoundCloud pagepreviously and three new ones. Can you tell me anything about the new songs?

The song I sent you, ‘Holding On’, I only wrote it a couple of weeks ago and I was excited because it’s so new and so fresh that I just couldn’t wait to show it to people. A few people have listened to it and they said they would buy it if they heard it on the radio. Another song, called ‘Carry On’, I was thinking of two of my friends in particular [when writing it] who are going through some really trying times in their lives. If nothing else, just the fact that I can write something that they could listen to, and they can say it’s almost like she’s talking to me as a friend, saying ‘Look, just don’t give up. You’re going through tough times, but you’ll get through it’. There’s a song called ‘You’re All I Know’ which is a catchy, groovy song that I hope people will latch onto.

I’m hoping the listeners will connect with the songs in different ways, and hopefully some will be able to identify with the lyrics.


Do you have any live events/gigs coming up?

I’m doing a talk-show on the 27th [April] where I’m talk about my background, what I do, where I’m going etc. Then on the 28th of April, there’s a live showcase called ‘Sunday Night Live’, and I will be supporting other artists performing on the night, although I don’t know who they are. I thought it would be a great time to launch the album on that night.


Anything else in the pipeline? 

Good question. Beccause I’m juggling work and trying to do this [the music] as well, it’s difficult to plan too much in terms of other gigs or events. I know I will have to do a bit more, with the album being released soon, and I want to make people aware of what I’m doing. I’ll be keeping my website updated as to what’s coming up, and I’ll be doing a bit of travelling from the start of June.


Is this part of promoting your album?

It could be a chance to do a mini-world tour of the album, and I will try to get some gigs lined up in other parts of the world. It’s not something that I planned initially, but I think it with release of the album it would be a great time to do it. So if anyone fancies travelling to Singapore or something to see me perform [laughs], then you might as well.


So you’re travelling to South East Asia. Any other nice places?

Yep, South East Asia, Australia and then I’ll end up in America for a couple of weeks, as I’ve got some family and friends there.


You’ve got your album and your travel plans. Anything else that takes up a lot of your time, other than your day job?

I do tend to find myself involved in a lot of projects. My friend and I started up a production company, producing factual scripted drama pieces etc. We did a pilot about a month ago called ‘Battersea Streets’, which is a youth-based drama about five young kids who love dance and they come from different backgrounds. Although dance is at the centre of the storyline, we’ll also be focusing more on their back stories. Some have family issues, some have single parents and some are from rich backgrounds.

It’s been a busy year!


You can listen to one of her tracks, ‘Need A Little Love’ here:


To find out more information about Bisola‘s new album (released on 28th April, 2013), check out her official website:



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