Sienna’s Maid Marion out of favour with the Sheriff.

By on 13 January, 2009

Who says that age isn’t still an issue in Hollywood?

Sienna Miller has reportedly been axed from new movie Nottingham because she would make Russell Crowe look “old and fat”.

The 26-year-old actress (who had been cast to play Maid Marian in the £110 million reimagining of the Robin Hood story) has been dropped from the film because it was feared lead star Russell would look out of shape in the love scenes.

A source told the New York Post newspaper:

“It is a mess. Russell never lost the weight he put on for ‘Body of Lies’ and so the love scenes between him and Sienna would have been laughable. He’s so old and fat and she’s so young and gorgeous.

“Word is that producers are looking for an older, plumper actress to play the role so Crowe doesn’t look like a paunchy grandfather. Someone in her late 30s or early 40s.”

The 44-year-old star had to gain almost 50lbs for his role as a former journalist who hunts down terrorists from his armchair in Body of Lies. Unfortunately for Sienna…this is the second time that she has been dropped from a leading role in recent months.

Director Guy Ritchie axed her from Sherlock Holmes in November after her ex-fiance Jude Law agreed to appear in the project.

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