Del Toro Not Keen On 3-D ‘Frankenstein’!

By on 3 November, 2010

Moviemaker Guillermo Del Toro will “fight” to ensure his new big screen take on FRANKENSTEIN is not made in 3-D – because he’s convinced the groundbreaking technology is not suitable for classic tales.

The ‘Pan’s Labyrinth‘ helmer is set to re-imagine Mary Shelley‘s classic horror story for the big screen, but is insistent he does not want to take his monster movie down the same path as 3-D hits such as ‘AVATAR‘ and ‘Toy Story 3‘.

He tells Digital Spy:

“I don’t want to see Jane Austen’s Pride And Prejudice and see Mr Darcy in 3-D. I don’t want to see Wuthering Heights in 3-D.

“I do believe that big spectacle movies like Avatar or At The Mountains Of Madness or The Haunted Mansion should be in 3-D.

“Frankenstein, I will fight for it not to be in 3-D, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde I wouldn’t like it to be 3-D.”

The new Frankenstein movie has been set for a 2012 release!

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