Fans Want A GOONIES Remake?

By on 10 June, 2010

What is the world coming to???

 U.S. film fans have called for a remake of ‘THE GOONIES‘ on the 25th anniversary of the cult 1980s movie.

To mark the upcoming U.S. releases of reimagined film and TV hits ‘The Karate Kid‘ and ‘The A-Team‘, online movie site asked users to vote for the 1980s films they’d most like to see revamped.

More than 20,000 film fans took part in the poll and more than 53% voted for ‘The Goonies‘.
Weird Science‘ came in second with 26% and ‘Teen Wolf‘ was third with 14%.

Now ‘Teen Wolf’ I can see, but the other two? If they voted to remake ‘The Goonies’ I wouldn’t necessarily call them fans…but sadists!

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