Gambon Prefers West End Over Hollywood!

By on 3 September, 2010

Veteran actor Sir Michael Gambon says he prefers the West End to Hollywood, and insists he feels “wrong” if hasn’t got a theatre role lined up.

The ‘Singing Detective‘ star made his name on the London stage in the 1960s and has starred in a production almost every year since.

And despite carving out a highly successful movie career, including the his most recent acclaimed role of Dumbledore in the hugely popular ‘Harry Potter‘ franchise, Gambon insists his heart belongs to theatre.

Speaking to London’s Evening Standard, he says:

“Certainly, I seem to need to do a play a year. I feel wrong if I haven’t got one planned.

“I see film roles as lovely presents that come along now and again. I feel really lucky and say thank you very much. And if they fly me to L.A., I think, God, I must really be doing well.

“I’ve worked with De Niro and Brando and Pacino, and that’s made me feel very lucky. But the films have never meant a lot to me.”

We love you, Gambon!

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