‘Harry Potter’ Star Caught Red-Handed!

By on 21 June, 2010

Harry Potter‘ star Jason Isaacs embarrassed himself when he was caught, by the producers, stealing a prop for a friend.

The Brit thesp, who plays villainous Lucius Malfoy in the wizard series, reveals he once picked up a pile of prop newspapers and took them back to his trailer in a bid to impress a friend who was visiting the set. But Isaacs was shamed when movie bosses quickly tracked down the missing items and forced him to give them back.

Speaking at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, ahead of the screening of ‘Skeletons‘, he tells WENN:

“Once I was walking around with a friend and I was trying to impress him with how these rules apply to other people and not me and there was a huge pile of newspapers that Miranda Richardson’s (character) writes for and I took it to my trailer.

“I was probably thinking of giving it back; I was just showing off for my friend and within about three seconds there was a (worker) banging at my door of my trailer, ‘Can we have those newspapers back!’ and appropriately humiliated me in front of my friend! They’re absolutely right to do it.”

Send him to Azkaban, I say!

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