MGM To Venture Into ‘The Outer Limits’!

By on 3 August, 2010

MGM has revealed that it is looking into a big screen adaptation of the cult TV series, ‘The Outer Limits Variety reports.

The financially-struggling studio has hired writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan (whose credits include four of the seven ‘Saw‘ films) to pen a movie version of the sci-fi series that aired on ABC from 1963-65.

MGM has been in limbo for most of the past year, after they received a sixth extension in mid-July on debt payments from its 140 creditors – who have given the beleaguered studio a forebearance that will expire 15th September. Around the same time as the latest extension, the MGM began walking the thin ice and paid Melton and Dunstan for a feature script based on their take, which is due in October.

Though the writers state that the work commenced in mid-July, MGM disputes the timeline. Their spokesperson admits that the scribes were paid just weeks ago but insists that the duo was hired well before the studio’s current financial woes began to mount.

Whether this is the gospel truth is one thing, but that question needs to be asked is this. Can MGM truly afford this venture, in their delicate financial state? They can’t even get a new James Bond project off the ground yet!

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