‘Monroe’ Gives Williams Her Seal Of Approval?

By on 2 November, 2010

I’m reading reports that Marilyn Monroe has apparently given Michelle Williams‘ portrayal of her in new movie ‘My Week With Marilyn‘ a big thumbs up….from beyond the grave!

The tragic star recently connected her longtime Hollywood psychic Kenny Kingston at a Halloween seance he held in her honour, and gave her opinion about the film, which chronicles the time Monroe spent in London in 1956 shooting ‘The Prince & The Showgirl‘ with Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh.

After the seance, Kingston told WENN:

“Marilyn gave her stamp of approval to Michelle Williams. She suggests that Michelle should always wear a bit of red while filming, for good luck, energy and safety.

“She told me that even though they did not get along well in life, Marilyn, Vivien Leigh and Lord Olivier are now friendly on the other side.

“In fact, they visit the set of My Week with Marilyn frequently. Marilyn and Vivien are guiding Michelle Williams and Julia Ormond, who portray them in the new film.

“She joked, ‘I think I should be named technical advisor on the film’.”

But there’s one aspect of the film Monroe is unhappy with, according to Kingston:

“Marilyn said, ‘They should know that my problems on Prince and the Showgirl and other films were due to agoraphobia, not a star tantrum.”

And Monroe has high hopes for the film, predicting Oscar nominations for Kenneth Branagh, who plays Olivier, and Dame Judy Dench, who plays Dame Sybil Thorndike.

Kingston adds:

“Marilyn says she loves Dame Judy Dench and feels they would be friends if they were both on the other side.”

Really looking forward to watching this movie!

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