NEWS IN BRIEF: 07 June 2010

By on 7 June, 2010

OHH-EMM-GEEE…there has been a lot of news over the past few days in the entertainment bubble, and the main highlights have been included here.

Carrie Diaries – SATC Prequel news!

Firsty I managed to catch the critically-slammed sequel, Sex and The City 2, on Friday night, and I actually enjoyed it much more than I thought. But I was mortified when I heard about news that a third movie is likely to go ahead without the original crew! But there is a reason for this..

Discusions have already begun to adapt Candace Bushnell’s latest book The Carrie Diaries for the big screen, according to an EOnline source.  The novel centres on Carrie’s high school years in Connecticut.

Apparently the senior bods over at New Line, the studio behind the SATC movies, are more interested in a Diaries movie than a television series.

Despite the SATC sequel not beating the first movie’s box-office opening figures, studio execs are not about to let go of the Carrie franchise anytime soon because the sequel has already made over £60 million worldwide.

Bushnell recently told MTV News that she’s already at work on the second Diaries book about the teen queen fashionista’s first summer in New York City, which could well mean a new SATC movie franchise! She insisted at last week’s SATC 2 premiere in New York that she wasn’t aware of any movie talks.

So, any suggestions on who could star as teen Carrie? Since Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha didn’t feature in the book, does this mean that the movie will be true to the book? Or will they have cheeky references to the girls in some way? More on this will be added when it becomes available!

So it’s 3 Men and another sequel!

Tom Selleck told MTV Movies Blog that Disney has indeed been in conversations with him, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg for another sequel – tentatively titled Three Men And A Bride.

Not much is known about the project (although the title gives a good idea of what the story will be), but Selleck hopes that the script will be a good one!

The JOKER stays at Arkham for Batman 3!

In an exclusive interview with Empire Magazine recently, Chris Nolan confirmed that if he did end up doing a third Batman movie he would NOT The Joker role!
He tells Empire:

“No. I just don’t feel comfortable about it”.

He also mentions that the third film would be the…

“..finishing of a story rather than infinitely blowing up the balloon and expanding the story.”

Good on you, Chris!

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