CHRIS NOLAN Searching For BATMAN Female Lead? Puurrrrfect!

By on 26 October, 2010

Movie news site is reporting that Warner Bros.’ new ‘Batman movie has stepped up a gear or two – with Christopher Nolan and producers apparently meeting with their prospective female lead. O-M-G!

Nolan began meeting with actors a few weeks back, one of whom was Tom Hardy who was recently reported to be playing an unspecified role in the eagerly-awaited follow-up to ‘The Dark Knight‘.

According to Moviehole, several young ladies (in their late twenties and early thirties) are meeting with the Nolan this week to talk about the new film. With all the veiled secrecy surrounding this project, quite a few of the ladies don’t actually know what role they’re being asked to read for or meet Nolan about – they’ve merely just accepted an offer to meet with the helmer. Let’s face it, with his track successful record..who wouldn’t?

For the time being even Moviehole is remaining tight-lipped, as they know a couple of actresses who have been given the golden ticket. But what they can say is that Nolan is after a fresh face, and likely to be in the running for a feline role. guessed it..Catwoman! Although before you start getting out the party poppers, this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Their source said:

“Some of the beauties coming in to chat with Christopher, would suggest that.”

Expect an official announcement over the next few weeks! Can’t wait 🙂

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