Rep Denies Smith Rift With ‘Men In Black’ Execs.

By on 12 October, 2010

A studio rep has dismissed rumours the new ‘Men In Black III‘ movie has been put on hold after its star Will Smith fell out with producers over the script.

The Hollywood actor is set to reprise his role as Agent J to fight aliens in the third installment of the hit franchise, and will reportedly be joined by his former co-star Tommy Lee Jones and new addition to the cast….Josh Brolin.

The project was due to begin in New York this month, but was pushed back until late November – fuelling rumours of a rift between Smith, director Barry Sonnenfeld and the movie’s producers.

Various reports suggested the actor was unhappy with the script and the shoot had been delayed following a series of arguments. But a representative for Sony Pictures is adamant stories of an on-set dispute are not false and blames the delay on changes to New York’s film incentive scheme, which aims to bring moviemakers to the state.

 The spokesperson tells New York Post gossip column Page Six:

“The only reason production will begin in mid-November as opposed to late October is to take advantage of recent changes affecting New York State film incentives. Suggesting that a disagreement triggered the shift is complete fiction.”

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