Rep For Cruise Denies ‘TOP GUN’ Sequel Involvement.

By on 15 October, 2010

For those who were hoping for Tom Cruise to return to the skies with ‘Top Gun II‘, I’m sorry to say that his rep confirms to EW that this won’t be the case. At least not yet anyway!

This makes perfect sense, especially since Christopher McQuarrie (Oscar-winning scribe of ‘The Usual Suspects‘) hasn’t eve finished a first draft of the script, and there’s no point committing to something where you won’t know how it will turn out.

So yes, despite the story being first reported in the New York Magazine, Cruise is (as yet) not involved in the project, nor has Paramount Pictures confirmed that it is even making a ‘Top Gun‘ sequel.

More news on this…when there’s something concrete from the studio!

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