RIDLEY SCOTT ALIEN Prequel Halted Indefinitely?

By on 1 October, 2010

Reports are surfacing that the much-anticipated (and talked about) prequel to Ridley Scott‘s ‘ALIEN‘ could be stalled indefinitely, after creative differences between Twentieth Century Fox and Scott began to appear.

According to Latinoreview.com, Scott‘s vision of the prequel requires a budget of around $250 million, and an obvious 18 / R rating attached to it. However, Twentieth Century Fox aren’t accepting any of this, and are proposing the budget be trimmed down substantially, and chop the prequel down enough to make it into a PG / 12A movie.

 Should Scott give in to the studio’s demands, and provide what can only be imagined as a very tame ‘ALIEN‘ prequel? Or should he stick to his guns and give the fans (the majority of the cinema-paying public and would ultimately determine the success of this movie) what they really want?

The project is all set to go, but this could potentially wedge a stubborn spanner in the works!

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