Robin Wright To Join ‘Dragon Tattoo’?

By on 6 August, 2010

According to Deadline NY, newly-divorced Robin Wright is in negotiations to star as Erika Berger, in David Fincher’s remake of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo‘.

The character of Berger is the editor of Millenium magazine, who works with Mikael Blomkvist (who will be played by Daniel Craig) and are romantically linked.

Wright‘s deal includes options for both sequels as the character plays an increasingly important part in later installments. Still crucial roles yet to be cast include retired industrialist Henrik Vanger, Lisbeth‘s sinister guardian Nils Bjurman, and Mikael‘s lawyer sister Annika Giannini….and not forgetting Lisbeth herself!

I’m still undecided about these English-language remakes. I keep thinking that Hollywood wants viewers to believe “it was our idea to adapt the novel into a movie”, even if it might not be their original intention.

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