RUMOUR: FOX leaks Die Hard sequel and Fantastic Four reboot titles!

By on 9 June, 2010 has heard from a 20th Century Fox source that the next John McClane film will be called Die Hard 24/7, and the Fantastic 4 reboot (announced last year) will be called Fantastic Four Reborn. The studio hasnt officially confirmed this.

Fantastic Four is one of two reboots 20th Century Fox are currently developing from their Marvel rights catelogue, the other being Daredevil. The reason they’re being so quick in their creative development on these characters (and X-Men) is that they must keep making movies with the characters within a certain number of years otherwise the rights revert back to Marvel, and they lose a very profitable franchise.

Akiva Goldsman will be overseeing the F4 project as producer with Michael Green (Smallville, co-writer of Green Lantern) putting together the screenplay. Goldsman is the former screenwriter of Batman & Robin, and more recently produced Hancock, The Losers and Jonah Hex, but let’s not judge him too much just yet.

In the case of the next Die Hard movie, a little more info has been released on what we can expect.

Skip Woods (Hitman, Swordfish) will serve as scribe and is expected to film next year with a pencilled release date of Summer 2012. Woods also co-wrote the new A-Team movie, so it appears that we might get to see John McClane doing more outlandish action sequences – if the A-Team movie trailer is anything to go by.

So who’s to blame for this DH revival? Well…Bruce Willis had originally pushed for the new movie at Fox and demanded that previous director Len Wiseman should direct the movie. Whether it’s a case of ‘what the Willis wants, the Willis gets’ is another matter, but if you thought that maybe the series should have ended at his last DH film then maybe you’re right.

More on this soon!

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