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By on 29 June, 2010

Whilst watching the new Harry Potter trailer I noticed this other little gem – a trailer for a new movie starring Matt Damon and stunner Emily Blunt.

The plot follows something a tad similar to what ‘The Matrix‘ offered…but without the snazzy ground-breaking effects. Damon plays an ambitious politician, David Norris, who meets a beautiful contemporary ballet dancer called Elise Sellas (played by Emily Blunt). But just as he realises his true feelings for this amazing woman a mysterious man appears to keep them apart. But this isn’t just any man, as he soon reveals that he is part of an organisation – The Adjustment Bureau – who will do everything in their power to keep David and Elise from being together. But why, I hear you ask? It seems the whole purpose of the organisation is to protect the course of FATE, and David and Elise’s union would end up destroying their own lives if they were allowed to continue without intervention.

From the pen of George Nolfi (‘Ocean’s Twelve‘, co-writer of ‘The Bourne Ultimatum‘), this movie is based on a short story by Phillip K. Dick (the brains behind ‘Total Recall‘, ‘Minority Report‘ and ‘Blade Runner‘) – which means that this won’t be your average adventure.

 Have a peek at the official website, and the trailer below:

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