ZHANG ZIYI To Star In Live-Action MULAN?

By on 29 July, 2010

According to ChannelNewsAsia.com, Zhang Ziyi is set to star in a brand new live-action adaptation of the legendary ancient Chinese heroine, ‘MULAN‘.

The actress, who will also produce the movie, has been leading the drive to secure funding and is said to have personally approached bosses at Disney, who agreed to invest $100 million (£67 million) in the project.

Zhang will take on the title role of the brave female warrior, who disguises herself as a man to join an all-male army in her elderly father’s place to fight off an invasion of her homeland.

Speed‘ director Jan de Bont  will helm the English-language 3D movie, and production is scheduled to begin in China in October 2010.

A great piece of casting!

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