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Director Kenneth Branagh has said he’s keen to work on a sequel to ‘THOR‘ because there is much more to explore!


The helmer (who worked with relative newcomer Chris Hemsworth as the titular Marvel superhero in the action movie) already has plans for a follow-up movie, which he says will be “fascinating”, if the fans are keen on it.


He says:

“We went through so many possibilities for how the story might go, that of course the prospect of that is very tantalising and fascinating.

“There’s a passionate fanbase out there that will say what they think. People will vote with their feet. And because it’s such a big chunk of change for everybody involved, I think that’s going to have a crucial, crucial impact but it would be a lovely challenge and problem to have should we do a second one.”


The British moviemaker adds that he was initially excited to work on the project because of the differences in capabilities of the heroes – something which can be delved into in future movies.


In interview with MTV News, he said:

“The first big, really exciting moment when I started really going through the comic books was all the descriptions of powers.

“I loved it, amazing. People’s body weights, how tall they were, what they could do, all of that kind of stuff. There’s a vast amount of that from the ‘Thor’ universe that I’d like to see.”


THOR‘ – which also stars Natalie Portman and Sir Anthony Hopkins – has enjoyed a good weekend at the box office, and has managed to make $242 million at the box office worldwide!


Whoever said that superhero movies will be a passing fad?




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