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When the name David Tennant crops up, you can’t help but think of him as Doctor Who – trailing through time and space to save various civilisations, and of course our beloved planet earth. However, the former Timelord will now be adding ‘vampire hunter’ to his CV, after settling into the role of Peter Vincent in the upcoming ‘Fright Night‘ remake! But even this character has an enigmatic and strange past as Tennant tries to explain, without giving too much away, during an appearance at the EMPIRE BIG SCREEN event over the weekend (12th – 14th August, 2011)!


The story has been updated from the 80’s version, and centres on teenager Charley Brewster (played by Anton Yelchin), who discovers that his neighbour is a vampire (Jerry Dandridge – played by Colin Farrell)! He soon recruits the help of a Las Vegas magician (Vincent), who is also a self-declared expert on vampires, to try to rid the town of this menacing creature of the night!

Speaking about his character, before introducing the movie to a host of British cinema-goers at the BIG SCREEN event, Tennant said:

“I play a Las Vegas illusionist called Peter Vincent, who happens to be a bit of a secret vampire expert. Charley seeks me out and enlists me. I [Peter] don’t really fancy it much. I’m a bit of a reluctant vampire hunter.

“Peter Vincent’s show is not a particularly successful one, and he has been but perhaps his star is fading slightly. Certainly in his personal life it definitely is.

“But it [the character] is not based on anyone. People keep saying that he was based on Criss Angel, and it isn’t! So Criss if you’re here, this is not based on you. I would be gutted if you thought there was any implication that he is anything like you. You’re a far more successful and well-rendered human being than Peter Vincent is!”


When asked if there were any massive fight scenes with Farrell, he added:

“Plenty, yeah! We track down the vampire’s layer, and there’s all sorts of vampire paraphernalia strapped to us as we descend in to his dark home.”


Tennant also mentions that the movie starts of like a high-school flick, then a comedy, and then….well…you’ll have to watch the movie to find out!

But is his rendition of Peter anything like the original? He states:

“This Peter Vincent is so unlike Roddy McDowall’s Peter Vincent. There wasn’t really a sense of having to re-create anything, or even particularly reference it. Of all the characters in the film, Peter Vincent is the one who is most relocated – geographically and in terms of who he is, and what he does.

“And I wouldn’t want to try to compete with Roddy McDowall, who is legendary of course. So I think you just come out and try to give it your best shot.”


But what I really wanted to know was whether he relished playing villains or heroes (or reluctant heroes, as is the case in ‘Fright Night‘).


“I don’t really have a preference. It’s all down to the character and characters behave differently in all sorts of different circumstances, so I don’t suppose you think of it as heroes and villains as such.

“A villain is just a hero who is misunderstood, so what is fun about Peter Vincent is he is somewhere in between the two. He occupies quite a grey area, and for a lot of the film you don’t quite know which side he’s going to end up on. And that’s great to play because you get to keep them [the audience] guessing”


Fright Night‘ is released in U.K. cinemas on the 2nd September, 2011. For now, check out the clip showing Tennant as Peter Vincent. Enjoy!




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