Director Praises Pete Doherty’s Acting Skills!

By on 26 January, 2011

The director behind Pete Doherty‘s upcoming acting debut has praised the rocker’s “amazing skill” and dedication to the role.

The Babyshambles and Libertines bandmember is set to star alongside actress Charlotte Gainsbourg in ‘Confession d’un Enfant du Siecle‘, based on the semi-autobiographical novel by 19th century writer Alfred de Musset.

Sylvie Verheyde is directing Doherty in the movie, and she insists the troubled singer’s unreliable reputation has not been an issue on set.

She tells Q magazine:

“He is a poet and a character… Octavian (Doherty’s character) and Peter have the same complexity and paradox – to us, it was just a little step to cross to find Peter… You don’t become an actor by going to classes…

“At our first meeting, he knew half the scenario of the book by heart. He has an amazing memory and his reliability is not even a question. It’s why Charlotte came on board. She is very picky about her projects. It’s just obvious that he has an amazing skill.”

Good to see that Doherty is totally throwing himself into this movie project. Well done!

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