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Death doesn’t like to be cheated! Steven Quale brings you the fifth instalment of the modern horror classic that has a wide fan base around the world due its playful and energizing ability capable enough to keep an audience guessing about what’s going to happen next!



Nicholas D’Agosto – Sam Lawton
Emma Bell – Molly Harper
Miles Fisher – Peter Friedkin
Ellen Wroe – Candice Hooper
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood – Olivia Castle
P.J. Byrne – Isaac
Tony Todd – William Bludworth

Directed by:
Steven Quale

Written by:
Eric Heisserer


“You Can’t Cheat Death!” is the slogan of this fifth instalment of the much-loved horror film franchise in which death continues to stalk all those who were supposed to die in an initial freak accident. From the moment Sam (played by Nicholas D’Agosto) has the premonition of the freak accident in this case a bridge collapsing, which consequently “saves” his co-workers; the suspense that came with all previous ‘Final Destination‘ films of trying to escape death begins.

As in all previous films, everyone believes they were lucky to escape death because of one man’s premonition of the accident but once gymnast Candice (Wroe) who and self confessed ladies man Isaac (Byrne) die in horrific freak accidents it comes to light that all is not as rosy as it seems and the terrifying race against time to beat death starts but not without casualties along the way.

The interesting factor is that Steven Quale introduces a bit of comedy in this instalment making it almost seem like you are watching a new episode of ‘Scary Movie‘ without the gimmicks but a lot of grisly deaths, which come at you so swiftly in some parts of the movie that I would advise you not to blink otherwise you would miss them.

The effects used in the movie really take 3-D to a new dimension but I believe that there is still room for improvement when it comes to three-dimensional movies in general.

This movie would still be a hit without the 3-D but watching in 3-D really brings the remarkable special effects and death scenes of the casts really to life and is actually better than other 3-D movies I have watched before.

A must-watch movie for all Final Destination lovers and gory film lovers!


Review by George Boateng




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