GARY OLDMAN Shuns The Celebrity Lifestyle!

By on 2 September, 2011


Batman Begins‘ star Gary Oldman has spoken of why he shuns the trappings of showbiz, saying he prefers his “very normal, very ordinary life”.


The British star’s career dates back to the 1980s, but despite a top role in the ‘Harry Potter‘ franchise, Oldman is quite happy not to be in the spotlight.

Speaking to Esquire magazine, he explains:

“I’ve never really courted it (fame). I still don’t have a publicist. If I’m in a film, you have an obligation to promote it, I’ll do as much as I can.

“Overall I enjoy a certain anonymity. I live a very normal, very ordinary life.”


And Oldman insists his sister Maureen, who is currently starring in British soap opera ‘EastEnders‘, is recognised more often than himself!

He adds:

“I would think Maureen (is recognised more). It’s weird it comes in waves.”




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