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The trouble-some accident-prone, weed smoking but funny duo have come home for Christmas, in ‘A Very Harold And Kumar 3-D Christmas‘! Excited?



John Cho – Harold Lee

Kal Penn – Kumar Patel

Neil Patrick Harris – Neil Patrick Harris

Danneel Harris – Vanessa Fanning

Paula Garcés – Maria Perez-Lee

Danny Trejo – Mr. Perez


Having been to the White Castle and Guantanamo Bay, Harold (Cho) and Kumar (Penn) decide to stay closer to home during Christmas…with a little twist!


Harold has decided to become a successful businessman while Kumar, erm… is still Kumar. Having dumped by Vanessa (Danneel Harris), Kumar lets himself go by not practising a career as a doctor and creating a surrounding of poor hygiene and cleaning habits and smoking more weed. Basically Harold has decided to cut himself off from Kumar, as he believes that every time they are together, something wacky happens.

If that wasn’t bad enough for Kumar, Vanessa visits him and informs him that she’s pregnant with his child, which amazes him. The two get into an argument with results in Vanessa storming out the house, because she believes that he is not taking it serious.


Meanwhile, Harold has his own battles with his family, as his father-In-law (Trejo) who dislikes Koreans and dislikes Harold, comes over for Christmas bringing the whole of the family with him in a caravan. But because Harold loves his wife Maria (Garcés) he is ready to put up with whatever her father might put him through during their stay.

For their stay Maria’s father brought a Christmas tree which he had grown for 8 years, declaring it as the perfect Christmas tree, forcing Harold to throw out his Faux Christmas Tree. He decides to decorate the tree himself, as Maria and her family want to go to the midnight mass and can’t go to the mass and decorate the tree at the same time.



On the other side of town a package arrives at Kumar’s flat addressed for Harold and being a good friend he decides to take to deliver it to him personally, which turns out not be a good idea and another wacky adventure for the duo starts, this time including a Christmas tree, a theatre play and Ukrainian gangsters. Tis’ the season to be jolly, after all!


If you liked the first two installments then you will like this third one. A word of warning… please don’t take your kids as Harold and Kumar leave no stone unturned, as you may know already! 🙂


Review by: George Boateng



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