JENNIFER ANISTON To Take A Short Break From Acting.

By on 8 July, 2011

A spokesperson for Jennifer Aniston has confirmed the actress is to take a break from work, but slammed rumours she will be stepping out of the spotlight for up to a year!


The former ‘Friends‘ star is currently promoting her latest movie, ‘Horrible Bosses‘, but reports suggested she planned to take a year off to spend more time with her new boyfriend, Justin Theroux.

Aniston‘s rep confirmed the actress decided to take several months vacation after the completion of upcoming movie ‘Wanderlust‘, but she won’t be leaving the acting business for as long as a year.

Speaking to E! Online, the rep said:

“She is not taking a year off. That is a huge exaggeration. She always intended to take a few months off after finishing Wanderlust and directing her short film (breast cancer charity TV movie Project Five) since she has basically been working nonstop for a few years straight.

“She is looking at some projects that would start in the winter.”




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