JOAN COLLINS Believes ARTERTON Is Ideal For ‘Alexis’ Role!

By on 17 January, 2011

Joan Collins has her eye on British actress Gemma Arterton to take on her famous super bitch Alexis Carrington character in a movie prequel to her hit TV series ‘Dynasty‘.

The popular show, which ran from 1981 until 1989, focused on a rich oil family in Colorado and starred late actor John Forsythe as business tycoon Blake Carrington, alongside Linda Evans and Collins.

Creator Richard Shapiro recently revealed plans to bring back the show back for a big screen version, explaining the new film will tell fans how the family came into its oil fortune.
And Collins – whose addition to the cast helped make the show a huge hit – hopes former Bond girl Arterton will play a younger version of her most famous character.

Speaking to the Daily Express, she says:

“She (Arterton) has all the qualities that Alexis needs. She’s sexy, she looks clever and she’s kind of vixenous.”

Shoulder pads at the ready!

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