Judge Allows Beatty To Retain Rights To DICK TRACY!

By on 27 March, 2011

Great news for Warren Beatty and Dick Tracy fans, as a federal judge in Los Angeles has foiled the Tribune Company‘ chances from reclaiming the TV and movie rights to comic-strip detective Dick Tracy from Beatty – according to Deadline.com!

U.S. District Judge Dean Pregerson granted summary judgment in the producer/director/actor’s favour yesterday, ruling that the fact Beatty had begun work on a half-hour TV special, which apparently had Warren dressed as the famous detective answering questions from movie critic Leonard Maltin, satisfied a use-it-or-lose-it clause in an agreement with the Tribune to produce a new Dick Tracy movie or TV show or lose the rights to the character.

But what does Warren need the rights for? Is he waiting for a better offer, or is he eyeing a reboot? .

The 1990 movie he produced, directed and starred in failed to be blockbuster success at the box-office, despite boasting a cast that included Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman and even a well-hyped romance between Madonna and himself. It did, however, gain seven Oscar noms, winning prizes for Best Original Song, Best Makeup, and Best Art Direction.

Beatty made a TV special which focussed on how Dick Tracy has been portrayed in movies over the years, but it was only aired on Turner Classic Movies in July 2009. There was no alterior motive make this show, aside from the fact he merely wanted to keep his rights intact.

Eventually he’ll either have to produce another Dick Tracy movie, or hand the rights over to a company who will be able to bring the detective to a host of new fans.

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