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Kenneth Branagh has admitted he felt apprehensive about playing Laurence Olivier in ‘My Week With Marilyn‘ as he anticipated “inevitable knockings” tackling the role of an “unsurpassable” actor!


The ‘Much Ado About Nothing‘ actor has received critical acclaim for his portrayal of Olivier in the biopic, alongside Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe, even landing a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance By An Actor in a Supporting Role.


Branagh as OLIVIER, alongside Williams as MONROE in 'My Week With Marilyn'


Branagh has described the warm reception as “thrilling”, but reveals he first believed the part would be a “double-edged sword”.

Speaking on Piers Morgan‘s CNN talk show, he said:

“I’ve been in the business now for 30 years and it’s nice when things go well. So, particularly with this part where… one had the great flattery of being compared to Laurence Olivier.

“But with that came the inevitable knockings because the man is unsurpassable, a master of what he does. If you followed anywhere near him, played any part that he ever played, you were measured against his greatness.

“And so it was a kind of double-edged sword. But this time with this… I actually felt very honoured to be asked to do it and I’m delighted, of course, that you know, it’s had recognition. It’s very thrilling.”


Anyone who has seen this movie will no-doubt believe that Williams and Branagh deserve to win, but there is heavy competition this year! Probably more so than in the last couple of years.



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