Kutcher Wants Women To Be Inspired By ‘No Strings’ Movie!

By on 10 January, 2011

Ashton Kutcher is hoping Natalie Portman‘s role in his new romantic comedy ‘No Strings Attached will inspire young women to be “empowered” by their sexuality.

In the movie, Portman stars as a woman who attempts to have a sexual relationship with a male friend, played by Kutcher, without developing any emotional attachment to him.

And Kutcher insists the movie sends a “powerful” message to females about having a healthy sex life.

In an interview with Movieline.com, he says:

“For women in the sex education process in schools, the one thing they teach about is how to get pregnant or how to not get pregnant, but they don’t really talk about sex as a point of pleasure for women.

“Part of that creates a place where women aren’t empowered around their own sexuality and their own sexual selves, and from a purely entertainment point of view, to create a movie with a female lead that’s empowered with her own sexuality is a powerful thing. And if we can give teenage people something to think about from a sex perspective, I would say it would be to open a conversation where women are empowered with their own sexual experiences from an educational level as well as an entertainment level.”

To hone in on Kutcher‘s point about the sex education process in schools… Would you want your daughter to be taught about the pleasures sex could bring them?

There’s empowerment and there’s walking the fine line, in my opinion. I’m not saying that women shouldn’t appreciate sex (because everyone should), but I think most would learn about its pleasures as girls grow older. Am I totally not understanding where he’s coming from?

What do female readers think about Kutcher‘s views?

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