By on 29 July, 2011


Actor Mark Wahlberg has revealed that he feels responsible for ensuring that the hit HBO series ‘Entourage‘ makes it onto the big screen, as he believes fans want to want to see where Vincent Chase and his pals end up after the eighth and final season!


As the show’s exec producer, Wahlberg has suggested that he will fund the project himself if it means that he gets to carry on the “journey” with the characters.



“I said if I had to finance it myself I would do it.” he said, sitting alongside cast and crew at the Beverly Hills press conference.

“I certainly hope that this has a chance to become a feature film and people have always complained that the episodes are too short and they want to go on a journey with these guys.”


Creator Doug Ellin also confirms he would like to do a movie (which is just as well), adding:

“We’re gonna do a movie.”

“It’s a question of when, how quick [we can]… come up with an idea and make it happen.”




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