SIENNA MILLER Regrets ‘G.I. JOE’ Role!

By on 2 March, 2011

Sienna Miller believes she “compromised” her values by starring in ‘G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra‘ and it has made her see Hollywood blockbusters in a totally different light.

The British actress played the femme fatale Baroness in the 2009 flick, but reveals she “didn’t feel good” after taking on the shoot. And she admits the experience of playing an action role subsequently put her off big Hollywood blockbusters, despite the movie offering a “great pay cheque”.

Speaking to Britain’s Time Out magazine, she says:

“It was what it was, but I compromised my own values to a certain degree and I didn’t feel good about that.

“I’m not very good at fighting. And I’m not very good at guns. And I’m not particularly aggressive. I had to wear sunglasses because every time I shot my gun I would blink. I was completely out of place, like this little midget running round in black leather winning fights, which was just absurd. They did a wondrous job with my wardrobe to make me look threatening.

“G.I. Joe (was) a great pay cheque. If, financially, I’m okay – which luckily I am – there’s no point in doing stuff that’s not right for me. It’s too much time away from home.”

Miller also reveals she is more focused on furthering her theatre career than taking on new film roles, adding:

“There are times when you come off stage and it’s so intense that you’re screaming and sobbing but you feel amazing. I’m hooked. Doing a film is just not so appealing.”

So I guess starring in a G.I. Joe sequel is out of the question? Shame, I thought they did a great job vamping her up. She was almost unrecognisable!

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