By on 15 July, 2011


Harry Potter star Ralph Fiennes is set to helm ‘The Invisible Woman‘, a movie which tells the story of Charles Dickens‘ secret 13-year love affair.


The actor met with a number of actresses to discuss the titular role in the movie, which depicts Charles Dickens‘ secret 13-year romance with Ellen Ternan, who was known as Nelly by Charles.

Fiennes has also been linked with the role of Dickens in the film, which is based on a book written by Claire Tomalin, while ‘An Education‘ actress Carey Mulligan is believed to be among those he is considering to play the main female character. Other potential Nelly choices reportedly include Imogen Poots, Abbie Cornish and Felicity Jones.


Not content with one Dickens project, the 48-year-old director is also set to take on the role of Magwitch in Mike Newell‘s big-screen adaptation of ‘Great Expectations‘ – produced by Elizabeth Karlsen and Stephen Woolley in late autumn.


Fiennes currently stars as Lord Voldermort in ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2‘ – the final movie in the franchise, which is released today (15th July 2011)!




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