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Richard Ayoade, fresh from success with his awesome directorial debut ‘Submarine‘ has been confirmed to play a major part in Ben Stiller’s upcoming sci-fi comedy ‘Neighbourhood Watch‘!


Scripted by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg (‘Superbad‘), the film will star Stiller as a man who joins the titular ‘Neighbourhood Watch‘ as a way to have some man-time with his buddies. It’s not long until the group discover a secret plot to destroy the world, which may or may not involve aliens.

Fans of ‘The IT Crowd‘ and Garth Megenghi’s ‘Darkplace‘ (not to mention ‘Man to Man‘ with Dean Learner) should find the news of Ayoade‘s casting opposite the likes of Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill up on the big screen to be very exciting. Chris Tucker was reportedly in the running for the role as well, which makes me think the right choice was definitely made.


Akiva Schaffer, who directed ‘Hot Rod‘, wrote for ‘Saturday Night Live‘ and is also a member of comedy band The Lonely Island, will be the man calling the shots. Here’s to hoping his comedy C.V. will translate to comedy gold for Ayoade and co.


Ayoade or Tucker? Who’d be your first choice? Does it sound like a typical Stiller vehicle? Or do you think the cast/director/writer combo is perfect to bring us an (inter)stellar sci-fi chuckle fest?




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