ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. Denies ‘SOME LIKE IT HOT’ Remake Rumours!

By on 16 December, 2011


Robert Downey, JR. has denied that he and his ‘Sherlock Holmes‘ co-star Jude Law are set to take on the lead roles in a remake of Hollywood classic ‘Some Like It Hot‘. I should hope so too!


The Hollywood stars have appeared together in two movies based on the adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle‘s British sleuth and they were recently linked to the parts made famous by Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in a new version of the 1959 classic.

Reports suggest movie studio execs are keen to revamp the movie, which also starred Marilyn Monroe, and Downey, Jr. and Law were first choices to don drag to play a pair of musicians who dress up as women to join a female band.

However Downey, Jr., who wore a transvestite disguise for a scene in the new Sherlock sequel, has laughed off the claims during an appearance on U.S. talk show ‘Live! With Kelly‘ on Thursday (15th December, 2011).

He said:

“I did hear that rumour, it’s a very interesting rumour. I’ve seen him (Law) in drag and I’ve seen me in drag – I look like my sister on steroids and he looks beautiful, so I don’t want to take that risk!”


Here’s a short trailer for the original. They don’t make these movies like they used to!



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