SONY Eyeing A ‘SALT’ Sequel!

By on 9 June, 2011


Is Angelina Jolie preparing for another stint as the butt-kicking Evelyn Salt? According to Deadline, SONY Pictures has hired scribe Kurt Wimmer to pen a script for the sequel to last year’s ‘Salt‘ movie.


Directed by Phillip Noyce and also starring Liev Schreiber, the flick managed to make over $118 million domestically and for those who have seen ‘Salt‘, you will remember that the ending / one of the alternative endings left it open for a sequel. Jolie is expected to reprise her role as Evelyn, but only “if the sequel comes together right”. Noyce is not planning to return for the sequel.

Wimmer wrote the screenplay for the original ‘Salt‘, and has penned several action movies including ‘Law Abiding Citizen‘, ‘Ultraviolet‘, ‘The Recruit‘ and the upcoming ‘Total Recall‘ remake – which is currently in production and stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel.


I enjoyed the first ‘Salt‘ movie, so I’m very much looking forward to this sequel.




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