Streep’s Presence In U.K.’s Parliament Causes A Stir!

By on 20 January, 2011

Oscar winner Meryl Streep caused a stir at the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday (19th January 2011), after she turned up to watch the weekly Prime Minister’s Questions session as part of her research for the upcoming Margaret Thatcher biopic!

The Hollywood legend is taking on the role of the U.K.’s first female prime minister in ‘The Iron Lady‘, and she attended the weekly debate at London’s House of Commons between the country’s leader and his opposition to get a taste of British politics.

Streep sat in the public gallery to see Prime Minister David Cameron argue with his left-wing counterpart Ed Miliband, and the actress caused a buzz as politicians began to realise she was watching.

According to reports, her visit was facilitated by the prime minister’s office, although she left before having the chance to meet Cameron.

Now THIS is an iron lady who would be great in running this country (not talking about Thatcher, of course)!

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