Warner Bros. Acquires ‘ARTHUR & LANCELOT’ Project!

By on 19 June, 2011

Clive Owen and Ioan Gruffudd in the 2004 movie KING ARTHUR.

Warner Bros. has reportedly sealed a $2 million deal to turn David Dobkin‘s script for ‘Arthur & Lancelot‘ into a movie, after beating off stiff competition from Universal and Fox – according to Deadline.


The project will be a $90 million (£56 million) budget contemporary re-imagining of the classic legend. Dobkin will direct, and will produce with Lionel Wigram, and exec producer Jeff Kleeman.

Bryan Singer is currently developing a remake of ‘Excalibur‘, the 1981 movie by John Boorman based on Thomas Malory‘s 15th Century work. Also joining in on the King Arthur craze is Guy Ritchie, who has another version set up last year with ‘Trainspotting‘ scribe John Hodge.

But which version will be faithful to the classic tale? Could the heavy Hollywood weight behind Dobkin‘s vision outshine Ritchie‘s gritty version? Let’s wait and see how they develop first!






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