By on 26 February, 2011

Viggo Mortensen‘s been a busy man lately…what with the on-going negotiations to star in Universal‘s ‘Snow White and the Hunstman‘, and now it appears that Warner Bros. are also trying to romance him for a part in ‘Superman: Man of Steel – according to Heat Vision!

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that producer Christopher Nolan and director Zack Snyder are looking an actor to play General Zod, and Mortensen appears to be top of their list. However it’s stressed that no talks have started with him yet, as he’s just a “person of interest” – in the same way that Kevin Costner is rumoured for the role of Jonathan Kent.

Warner Bros. have yet to comment on these latest reports.

All we do know is that Snyder has huge task to ensure he gets the right actors to play the key lead roles, and Superman fans will be casting their critical eye in the hope that this movie will be vast improvement on the last one!

I personally remain positive that it will be, but it is obviously too early to say for sure.

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