Wilde Not Playing LARA CROFT….Yet!

By on 10 May, 2011


With the recent news of a Tomb Raider movie reboot plan, fans have been turning toward a bevy of screen beauties to single out a potential candidate to star as Lara Croft. Even though most still see Angelina Jolie as the definitive Croft, people appear to be warming to Olivia Wilde as the ideal actress to bring the heroine to a new set of fans.


Unfortunately for the actress, movie execs haven’t exactly been knocking on her door to sign her up for the role, as she confirms to MTV News!

When asked about the internet rumours, she said:

“The would be so awesome – I love Lara Croft. But as far as I know, right now, I’m not playing Lara Croft.

“But that’s really cool that people think that I should. That’s nice of them.”


So is she the ideal actress for Lara Croft?




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