By on 22 November, 2012

ROBERT ZEMECKIS Exits YELLOW SUBMARINE Remake! - The Latest Entertainment News Today.


Helmer Robert Zemeckis has abandoned plans to remake the Beatles animated movie ‘Yellow Submarine‘ – according to The Hollywood Reporter!


The ‘Polar Express‘ moviemaker had been hailed to bring the project to life with DISNEY, but he has stepped down, claiming he wants to be more selective with the movies he makes over the rest of his career.

Zemeckis tells The Hollywood Reporter:

“I’m not going to do Yellow Submarine… and I don’t want to do any remakes. You’re behind the eight ball from the get-go.

“And how many movies have I got left in me, really? I’m getting kind of old. So I don’t think I should take those years out of my life and do a remake.”


A wise choice, especially when approaching any remake!



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