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Ridley Scott‘s eagerly-anticipated movie ‘Prometheus‘ has garnered some strong reviews in the UK press, ahead of its release in the U.S. on Friday (8th June, 2012). Despite the positive feedback, the chances of a sequel still looks unlikely!


Following its early release in Europe, UK critics such as The Times Kate Muir who wrote:

“In the end, the Prometheus plot is slightly bonkers, but forgivably so, because the characters are so well drawn. And there are enough slime bursts to make Ghostbusters look timid.”


David Sexton of ThisIsLondon aired on the safe side by steering away from the ‘Alien‘ comparison, writing:

“Prometheus is a great ride – best taken without too much foreknowledge, by the way.”


Prometheus‘, starring Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace and Charlize Theron, is likely to be very popular at the U.S. box office during its opening weekend, and you might think that 20th Century Fox would be missing a trick if they didn’t push for a sequel.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter scribe Damon Lindelof warned fans that a second film is not yet on the cards, saying:

“I said to him (Ridley Scott), ‘We should be prepared for people to feel frustrated if we’re going to be withholding, so we have to be very careful about what we’re saving for later’, because it’s not a foregone conclusion that there are going to be sequels.”


That said, Lindelof did reveal that a potential sequel would likely be called ‘Paradise‘, which was the original working title for ‘Prometheus‘. But of course, there isn’t going to be a sequel….yet!



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