Reviews For MAN OF STEEL Looking Less Than SUPER?

By on 12 June, 2013

MAN OF STEEL Reviews are in, and they're not looking great! - TOMORROW'S NEWS - The Latest Entertainment News Today!

With only a couple of days to go (14th June, 2013) until the UK release of ‘MAN OF STEEL‘, people are now beginning to wonder whether this movie has been hyped up a little too much, as the latest reports suggest that ‘SUPERMAN RETURNS‘ is seen as marginally better movie! I know, that is a shocker!


Movie review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes shows that the critics preferred Bryan Singer‘s ‘Superman Returns‘ to ‘Man of Steel‘, with the former standing at 76% and the latter on a mere 66%. This could of course change dramatically when viewers see Henry Cavill all suited up in the superhero’s uniform, but could it really change that much?


TimeOut‘s review states:

“’Man of Steel’ is punchy, engaging and fun, even if it slips into a final 45 minutes of explosions and fights during which reason starts to vanish and the science gets muddy.”


While The Telegraph say:

“It’s a thumping, gauntlet-clad fist of a movie, making its impact with brute force, then letting shockwaves reverberate through you.” 


Whatever happens, it’s you, the die-hard movie fans, who will be the true judge of whether it’s successful or not, when it gets its UK nationwide release on the 14th June 2013.



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