Are We Ready For A WEIRD SCIENCE Remake?

By on 19 April, 2013

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Just when we were beginning to have some hope that Hollywood were getting creative, in comes news of Universal Pictures and Silver Pictures who are teaming up to remake the 1985 cult comedy ‘Weird Science‘ – according to Deadline!


The movie will be produced by Joel Silver, who had a hand in the original with John Hughes at Universal. Michael Bacall is set to pen the script.

Rather than a direct rehash of the original, reports suggest that this version looks set to be an “edgier” comedy although it’s still way too early to determine what the age rating could be.

As for the original movie, it starred Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith as brainy geeks who attempt to create the perfect woman (played by Kelly LeBrock) to fulfill their adolescent fantasies. However they soon discover that their creation has a mind of her own, and a few tricks up her sleeve.  The story was then turned into a TV series in the mid-1990s, which those in our early to mid-thirties may remember.


It’s still too early to talk about casting, release date or exact storylines, but keep it here for more info as it comes through.



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