CLASH Of The Sequels?

By on 11 June, 2010

According to the LA Times shooting of the Clash of the Titans 2 is likely to begin in January 2011.  What? I never even got a chance to see the first one yet!

Despite a number of helmers wanting the job, Jonathan Liebesman seems to have gone to the top of the list of preferred directors. Originally a horror director (he made “Darkness Falls” and the 2006 “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” prequel) Liebesman is beginning to dabble as an action director. The filmmaker has a movie called “Battle: Los Angeles” (about an alien invasion in this fair city) coming next year – one to watch out for!He’s also onboard for another classic action flick for the Warner Bros.’ re-imagining of “Odysseus” with the producers of “300,” which Liebesman helped conceive and then sold to the studio.

The director of the first Clash, Louis Leterrier, chose not to return for the sequel.

So why the hurry to get this sequel completed?

The lead in Clash was also the lead in Avatar, and shooting for the sequel to this is set to begin in late 2011 – depending on what James Cameron’s priorities are. So Sam is a popular guy at the moment.

For those who were diappointed with the poor 3-D in the first Clash movie, fear not! This time the sequel will be shot in 3-D! Having heard bad reviews regarding the previous conversion this does inject a bit of interest in me to watch the sequel.

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