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Three-time Oscar nominee Amy Adams has reportedly beaten an array of screen beauties to play Daily Planet journalist Lois Lane in Zack Snyder‘s ‘Superman‘ reboot – according to The LA Times!

The 36-year-old star received the news on today (Sunday 27th March) from helmer Snyder, who phoned her from Paris, where he’s promoting his recent flick ‘Sucker Punch‘.

He believed that Adams was the clear favourite to play the strong, professional woman falls in love with the famous bullet-proof superhero.

Snyder said:

“There was a big, giant search for Lois.

“For us it was a big thing and obviously a really important role. We did a lot of auditioning but we had this meeting with Amy Adams and after that I just felt she was perfect for it.”

The director refused to discuss how Lois will be involved the story or any plot details about the movie. However he stated the role is “a linchpin” to the project and that he considers it essential that Lois arrives on screen in 2012 with contemporary appeal and spirit.

He added:

“It goes back to what I’ve said about Superman and making him really understandable for today. What’s important to us is making him relevant and real and making him empathetic to today’s audience so that we understand the decisions he makes. That applies to Lois as well. She has to be in the same universe as him [in tone and substance].”

Adams comes fresh from an Academy Award nomination for her work in David O. Russell‘s movie ‘The Fighter‘, which saw a different and far darker side to her acting ability. Here she played a bartender named Charlene who is fire-tested and fierce in her love for a boxer portrayed by Mark Wahlberg.

Her breakthrough came in ‘Junebug‘, which premiered at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival, where she won a special jury prize for her performance!

With a big project such as this, you cannot help but wonder how some directors deal with the hype and the interest, when really they’re just trying to go about their day-jobs.

The LA Times asked Snyder how he is dealing with the constant casting reports in his ‘Superman‘ reboot:

“It’s an epic thing, no doubt. But the good news is the cast is shaping up to fit that.”

This is yet another fantastic casting choice by Snyder!

Adams has depth and is more than capable of providing a dash of the damsel in distress quality that embodies the classic Lois Lane.

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