ANGELA BASSETT Explains Her Low-Budget Movie Role Choice.

By on 8 May, 2011

Angela Bassett has spoken about how very selective she can be when it comes to picking new roles, and defends her decision in opting for a new role in a low-budget flick!


The ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It‘ star argues that she took on her latest role in ‘Jumping the Broom‘, a far cry from her usual big-screen casting choices, because she thought that she could bring something new to the part.

Speaking to The Miami Herald, she says:

“I just think I inherently exude some strength. But, I think I consciously do try to bring the humanity or the vulnerability of the character to bear.”


However, Bassett added that she is unaware of her own screen presence:

“I look at the screen and I’m like ‘Oh, oh, did I do that?’ You’re not conscious of what you’re doing or how it’s coming out. But, you can’t be that exacting about it because then it’s really technical and you sense the technique but not the passion or the feeling. So I always rely on my actors, on who is across from me.”


The movie, reported to have only cost $5-10 million (£3-6 million approx) to make, is about two very different families who come together for a wedding.


Bassett broke the news earlier this week that she is set to star in a sequel to her 1995 smash-hit ‘Waiting to Exhale‘; with all of the original cast returning!




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