GEORGE CLOONEY Wants Fans To Audition For His New Movie!

By on 4 February, 2011

George Clooney has decided to give fans the chance to appear alongside him in his latest movie, ‘The Ides Of March‘. But before big-screen hopefuls start drafting their emotional Oscar speeches, it will only be for bit-parts! 

The ‘Ocean’s Eleven‘ star is stepping behind the camera to direct the political drama, and will also take the onscreen role of Governor Mike Morris.

He wants to share the experience with his loyal following by offering fans walk-on parts in the movie, but there’s set to be disappointment for many movie hopefuls – 16,000 budding actors have already applied for a minor role.

The open casting session takes place in Cincinnati, Ohio on Saturday (5th February 2011), and filming is set to begin in the city next month (March 2011).

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