BRYAN CRANSTON: ‘TOTAL RECALL’ Remake Will Be Better Than The Original!

By on 10 October, 2011

Actor Bryan Cranston has defended the decision to remake ‘Total Recall‘, insisting the new film will be much “better” than the 1990 original!


Cranston stars alongside Irish actor Colin Farrell, who takes over the role made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the new adaptation of Philip K. Dick‘s short story, We Can Remember It for You Wholesale.


The ‘Malcolm in the Middle‘ star insists the new script is better than the 1990 film and he is more confident in lead actor Farrell.

Speaking to New York magazine, Cranston says:

“I don’t think there is much of a challenge at all. I think the script is better. We certainly have a tremendous upgrade in our lead actor. That is less of a comment on Arnold (Schwarzenegger) and more of a comment on Colin (Farrell).

“The special effects over the last 20 years have grown exponentially, so that is going to be a heightened experience. And I just think it is an exciting movie. You know it’s going to entertain – I can guarantee you that.”


The ‘Total Recall‘ remake has been given an August 2012 release date.


Give me the original any day!



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